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Water Purifying Drops for Pets (2oz Glass Set)

Water Purifying Drops for Pets (2oz Glass Set)

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I have three dogs and we spend a lot of out and about. They love exploring everything possible when we go trekking, or have long stays outdoors. I want to ensure that my best friends are drinking safe water. We love using the Veterinary Grade Animal Drops to purify water on the go, and clean-up their favorite toys after a day in the wilderness!

Cindy Martinez

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Product Details

Introducing Veterinary Grade's Water Purification Drops for Cats & Dogs, the ultimate solution for ensuring safe and clean water for your pets and animals. Whether you're at home or the cottage, embarking on outdoor adventures or on the farm, these drops are your go-to for water purification.

Our two-part set is a time-tested, classic solution to a variety of pet owner and farm operator's biggest needs.

Natural Source Water Purification: Perfect for treating water from rivers, lakes, and streams, as well as rainwater catch systems and cisterns.

Multi-Use: Ideal for use with portable water filters and other applications, such as: cleaning toys, food dishes, and travel cages, disinfecting animal accessories, farm tools/instruments/equipment, and much more!

Compact & Easy-to-Use: Conveniently sized for on-the-go use.

Active ingredients:

Our two-part liquid set comes with:

28% Sodium Chlorite and 50% Citric Acid solution.

Why these ingredients?

We select premium ingredients for each and every product in our collection.

Our Water Purifying Drops for Pets and Animals come in a liquid set, with individual bottles that are intended to be combined, creating the active compound Chlorine Dioxide.

We keep the two components separate, that way you have create your CO2 when you need it, and not before, maintaining it's efficacy and the kit's shelf-life.

Why choose our Animal Drops?

Veterinary Grade: Specially formulated for the well-being of all pets and animals.

Unique & Versatile: The only product aimed at both water purification and cleaning pet essentials.

Outdoor Essential: A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, pet owners, farm operators and those that collect rainwater.

Product Details

This product comes in a re-usable / recyclable glass bottle.

Comes with a pair of glass droppers.

Bottle size is 2oz (ounces) per bottle (two bottles in a set).

This set treats up to 60 gallons of water.

Veterinary Grade is proudly Made in the USA.

Directions For Use

Mix 3 to 5 drops of PART A (Sodium Chlorite) with an equal amount of drops of PART B (Citric Acid) in a small plastic container, or glass.

Wait for a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds.

Add this mixture to any water source, or moderately dilute in order to create a cleaning solution.

* 3-5 drops from each bottle will purify up to one US gallon of water.

Full details can be found in our Help Center.


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Why Veterinary Grade products?
Our product(s) are made with high-quality, natural ingredients without the use of harsh additives. Veterinary Grade is Made in the USA.
What is in our formula?
Our premium formula includes: bloodroot, galangal root, chaparral leaf, graviola (soursop leaf/stem) DMSO, zinc chloride and vegetable glycerin.
Where is it made?
All of our products are physically made in, packaged in and shipped from the United States of America.
How do I store the product?
We recommend ensuring that your container is properly (securely) closed and kept in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight.
When does my product expire?
Veterinary Grade Bloodroot Paste expires 7-years from the manufacturing date.
Instructions for Use
We advise all clients to discuss the use of our product(s) with a licensed veterinarian and/or animal caregiver. General instructions for use can be found here.

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