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Fly-Be-Gone Natural Insect Repellent Solution (32oz Spray Bottle)

Fly-Be-Gone Natural Insect Repellent Solution (32oz Spray Bottle)

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More Than A Bubble Bath

Easy to use. All of our animals love bath time now. It is more costly than my previous shampoo, but at least I know it is high quality, lacks toxic chemicals and is made in America. I even like the smell.

Sandy Gutierrez

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Product Details

Washing and bathing your animals a difficult task? Looking to save time and avoid harsh chemicals? Want to keep your animals smelling great and protect them from annoying insects?

Introducing our brand new, 2-in-1 Animal Shampoo infused with our special Insect Repellent forumla.

Our Veterinary Grade Fly-Be-Gone Animal Shampoo whips up into an easy lather and uses all of the wonderful scents of nature to get the job done. Our animal shampoo is suitable for horses, dogs and several other livestock. Built-into our formula is our natural Insect Repellent, making this a super-easy, practical solution to cleaning your animals while protecting them at the same time. The best part? It is highly effect, smells great and requires only a quick rinse to do the job! Clean and protect your animals against various biting insects at the same time. Our infused Fly-Be-Gone formula is highly functional even after 45 minutes from first application.

Protects Against: Mosquitoes, Sand Fleas, Gnats, Flies and Biting Midges ("No-See-Ums").

Large Volume: Protect your animals all season long and have the ability to fill your own favorite spray bottle for application.

No Harsh Chemicals: Free of alcohols, GMOs and DEET. A natural lathering agent is also used. Toxin-free.

Natural Ingredients: Harnessing the power of plants, this product relies on well-known, plant-based ingredients that are not harmful to your pet, or the environment.

Works With: Equine species (Horses, Donkeys, Zebras, Mules), Dogs, Cattle (Cows), Goats, Sheep, Swine (Pigs), Buffalo/Bison & Alpaca.

Active ingredients:

Aloe Vera

Sea Salt






Clove Bud



Tea Tree


Product Details

This product comes in a recyclable plastic contaier.

Equipped with a leak-proof, screw-top cap.

Spray bottle comes with a spray-handle insert. Size of bottle is 32 US fluid ounces (0.95 liters).

Allows for hours of protection.

Store at room temperature and do not leave in direct sunlight or in heat.

Veterinary Grade is proudly Made in the USA.

Directions For Use

Gently and thoroughly shake before use.

Apply generously and massage into your animal’s coat. Keep massaging to build a great lather.

Lightly rise. Do not over-rinse.

Avoid contact with the eyes, mouth and open wounds. Topical use only.


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Why Veterinary Grade products?
Our product(s) are made with high-quality, natural ingredients without the use of harsh additives. Veterinary Grade is Made in the USA.
What is in our formula?
Our premium formula includes: bloodroot, galangal root, chaparral leaf, graviola (soursop leaf/stem) DMSO, zinc chloride and vegetable glycerin.
Where is it made?
All of our products are physically made in, packaged in and shipped from the United States of America.
How do I store the product?
We recommend ensuring that your container is properly (securely) closed and kept in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight.
When does my product expire?
Veterinary Grade Bloodroot Paste expires 7-years from the manufacturing date.
Instructions for Use
We advise all clients to discuss the use of our product(s) with a licensed veterinarian and/or animal caregiver. General instructions for use can be found here.

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